October 26, 2010


This weekend we visited a pine plantation up north with Alicia, my cutie pie step daughter. What a lovely time we had walking in the woods and through all the pine trees. It was so quiet, the smell of pine was heavenly and the mossy earth under our feet was so soft and cushiony. Ali said she was bouncing with every step *smile*. We brought home any stray branches that we came across and filled up every single vase and jar in the house. Well, our home officially smells like Christmas now... hmmm, how soon is too soon to put up your Christmas tree?!

Tree and Ali.jpg



  1. Pine is *the* smell of Christmas, isn't it? I was devastated a few years ago when my mother put up a fake tree instead of a real one, which we'd had every year growing up. It just didn't smell like Christmas!

    Gorgeous photos!

  2. Pine is definitely the smell of Christmas! Ha, can you believe that we are already talking about Christmas?! ;) I hope you have a real tree this year!

  3. pine trees are the best. i have a candle that i use that makes the house smell "christmasy." these images are really fun!

  4. she is just beautiful. Love Christmas!