February 16, 2017

Life at four.

Running through the house
arms up
fists clenched
cape flying behind him.

Living and breathing
the everyday delights
of being a child
in the world.

I will save the day!
he calls out in character.

Four years ago, he saved me—
And he continues to save me daily
with his simple

He will never know how special he is to me
and how he gave me a reason
to look to the future

Life at four.

February 11, 2017

February 9, 2017

You've changed is an insult often
intended to discourage you. Ignore
it. This is your growth. Adapting and
refining yourself are all necessary parts
of the process.

So long as you continue to
endeavour to be kind and compassionate
you have nothing to be ashamed of.

-Beau Taplin

February 5, 2017

January 18, 2017

four years old

He made me a mother for a second time and because of a doctor who fended for him from the beginning
of his pregnancy to his entrance into the world, he is here with us today.

It is a privilege to watch this boy grow up and I wouldn't change one minute of his time. He is kind, sensitive and funny! 

On this day four years ago, he shined his light and made my world brighter.

We love you Leif! We are so thankful you are in this world! Happy Fourth birthday!

January 1, 2017

It's been a strange year but i'm grateful for every moment even the trying ones.

Nobody knows what lies ahead or even what the next moment will bring. Liam taught me to appreciate
life and my promise to him is to cherish each day.

Here's to hope for better days and another year with two of my people.