November 23, 2010

comfort food.

I love desserts that are made with healthy ingredients and goodness. I've mentioned that my mom is fantastic baker before {and that I unfortunately missed out on her baking gene} and how lucky we are that she loves to make our favorite desserts. Well, i'm at home this week, on the mend, and my mom popped by for a visit with an entire cake, and my absolute favorite too, carrot cake. It's carrot cake heaven really, and my mom makes it perfectly with added pineapple, orange zest and juice, raisins and topped beautifully with toasted coconut shavings. Mmmmmm! A perfect treat.

Carrot cake.jpg


  1. That looks fabulous! Happy Thanksgiving- I hope you have a chance to rest and mend during the holiday. blessings.

  2. that looks delicious! it's 7am and i'm starving... :)