January 24, 2011

staying warm.

It was a ridiculously cold weekend here in Montréal, the type of weather when all you want to do is stay indoors by the cozy fireplace and watch season 1 of Mad Men which is exactly what I did. Do you watch Mad Men? It's so good, i'm hooked!

Winter Boots.jpg


  1. I love this photo! :D And I looove staying indoors watching good series by the fireplace.. Here's one person not bored of Winter yet! ;)

    I just recently started watching Mad Men as well, it's great! x

  2. I watched the first season of Mad Men last year and loved it so much. Don (could he be any sexier?!) and Joan are my favourites.

    My friend recently got me hooked on True Blood - polar opposite to Mad Men, but also very addictive. Nothing like spending a cold weekend inside, watching tv!

  3. cute picture! i'm still jealous of everyone who has snow.


  4. I am 100% hooked on Mad Men. Just wait until you get in to later seasons, it gets even better!! Stay very warm up there, love!


  5. Natasha,
    I keep on saying that I am going to start season one of Mad Men, and then get caught up. Everyone says that it is so good...and now you did too.
    I need to get on it!!!

  6. such a cute photo! i've heard montreal is mighty chillified, smart girl to stay in and keep cozy warm with mad men good times! i've watched it sporadicly but when more time allows would totally want to dive in full steam. ♥

  7. Thanks guys! Brittany, I think i'll be starting season 2 this weekend, I can't wait! :) Annelise, I LOVE TrueBlood too! :)