February 7, 2011


I can't imagine life without this guy, he's my baby, my Buddha and the best little listener in town :) Shiraz watches the door close behind me every morning when I leave for work and waits by the front window every night when I come home. He follows me around the house {even to the bathroom!}, cuddles with us on the sofa when we watch TV and sleeps at our feet at bedtime. I loved Lynn's recent post about her cats on her wonderfully charming and pretty blog, and I related completely. Our pets are such important parts of our lives and they fill our hearts up with so much love. Do you have a pet?





  1. Shiraz is a beautiful cat!! Great photos.

    We have 3 cats over here. They all have their own amazing personalities...life is just so much better with them in it!!

  2. awe natasha, those photos of shiraz are beautiful, he's such a handsome one! i love his coloring and black paw pads, so interesting.

    thanks for including my cat tales lades, i'm so happy you liked it that much...xo

    mylo always follows me to the bathroom too, odd right?! but the thing is sometimes, since he is still in his kitten (hell-ish) year, he'll make a mad dash in and leap to the toilet without looking 1st. um, note to self....flush fast! oi vey. love this post, happy monday. ♥

  3. Ooh, my goodness, he is exquisite. I have a friend that has a cat that looks like this breed, and it is so calm and sweet. I've always wanted to steal him away from my friend.

    I hope your day goes great!

  4. cute! I've never had a pet...sadly.

  5. these photos are beautiful! and so is the cat.

    we're thinking about getting a dog - i've never really considered myself an animal person - but i'm excited!

  6. What a sweetheart! My little pups follow me around like my shadow too! Aren't they one of the best things in life? xo

  7. Natasha, these photos are divine. Your cat is certainly a beauty and I have to say my cat, Yurchenko looks very similar. He's a seal point siamese and I just love him for the same reason you love your little baby :) Hopefully you are having a lvoely day! I am going to call my hubby and tell him to bring me home some macarons hehe xoxox

  8. Thanks so much for your sweet words ladies! My Monsieur photographe took the photos and Shiraz pretty much loved every minute of having his picture taken ;)

    Lynn you're too funny and good to hear that your Milo goes to the loo with you too, makes me think that my Shiraz isn't a such a strange bird after all ;)

    Rhiannon I love your cat's name! I had a seal point siamese for 17 years growing up, he was an amazing cat :) If you're hubby doesn't come home with the goods then message me because i'd love to send you some macaroons from Montreal :)

  9. He really is lovely....xoxoxoxo

  10. Hi Natasha,

    Thank you for the blog love. I love Shiraz, his personality reminds me of my cat, he does exactly what Shiraz does! I think people give cats a bad rap, because my cat's personality is just as good as a dog's! I love these pictures of Shiraz!

    Have a great day!

  11. these are the most amazing photos natasha! what talent!!

  12. il est tellement beau! sur la dernière photo à gauche, on dirait un puma. superbe!

  13. such a cutie!!
    I have a cat too, you likes to follow me around... love her so.

  14. so, i dunno....what! i just came back to see shiraz again is all. have i reached stalker status yet? omg, i love him too much for words. and his face makes me happiest. just really needed the shiraz love tonight. xo ♥

  15. Ahh Lynn, Shiraz would just love you to bits :) You're too sweet. Hope all is well with ya lady! xoxox

  16. what a beautiful cat! We don't have any pets because we live in an apartment that doesn't allow them. When we move we want to get a cat right away!