February 21, 2011

sunshine reggae pancakes.

We've made these spiced coconut pancakes twice now, and it only keeps getting better. This time we swapped the nutmeg for cinnamon, and topped them with sliced banana, yum! I started humming Bob Marley's Sunshine Reggae song and voilà, our nickname for these delicious pancakes ;) This is as close to the tropics that i'll be getting in awhile and I enjoyed every minute of it. On another note, the hubs surprised me with random tulips this weekend, love that! We woke up the next morning to what was a Shiraz attack, umm didn't love that. No flower is safe in our home, the only plant left standing is our Rosemary and everything else has been shipped off to my mom's {aka: the plant whisperer} house where she brings my plants back to life. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions on what to do when your sweet little kitty cat destroys all your beautiful flowers and plants?


Tulipes and evidence


  1. Happy Monday my sweet friend....your pancakes look amazing...my sweet husband is our pancake flipper...his are amazing..all done by memory..one day I will ask him to write down the recipe...maybe not then I may have to make them. xo

    hugs and love to you.

  2. I checked out the pancake recipe and it looks so good. Especially with the bananas on top!
    As you know I have the same kitty problem...so I'm going to have to check back and see if anyone has a solution.

  3. I have to keep my decorative pillows away from my Jack Russell's reach every time I leave the house - I feel your pain :) I wish I had the answers to preventing pet disasters!

    I'm glad I found you too, so you can keep this Quebec expat living in Melbourne in the loop about what is happening in Mtl!!

    I look forward to your next brilliant and uplifting post!

    x Holly

  4. I love the sounds of these pancakes!! I so NEED to make them!! ...like really.
    What a sweet hubby you have, too bad your kitty destroyed it.

  5. oh my, those look delicious! I think I need a flower whisperer after the winter we had.

  6. Dear Natasha,

    Please tell me how to take such pretty photos like you.

    Love Rhiannon xo

  7. Ashlyn, I thought of your when I was posting this yes! Every day there were less and less left of my tulips and I had to toss them after 4 days. Ah, our cats are better than any tulip of course ;)

    Holly!! Bonjour!! SO happy that we found each other!! :)

    Rhiannon, these are the perks of having a photographer in the family my friend ;)

  8. OMG this looks amazing!!!! i love your blog, it's so aesthetically pleasing - very nice!

  9. spiced coconut...seriously?! how brilliant to blend those flavors and thanks lades for passing the info along. these are among my favorite tastes to savor.

    ah, BOB-ing to Marley!!!!! love it, consistently a go to option in our home too.

    girl, i SO hear you about "cat"astrophe with our pretty posies. mylo is always on the hunt for a nibble or yank to the floor. gaaaa, i haven't an answer for those tulips the hubs thoughtfully brought you. everything here gets put up on the highest shelves and then withers to die as the heat rises to claim it. boo!

    oh, just thought of one thing though, during xmas we bought citrus spray (non-toxic to pets and plants), it seemed to do the trick but you gotta keep reapplying the mist. ♥

    pea ess: many thanks for your comments on my sister "ish" post. you are full of love and i adore it...taking it all in. it helps to know i'm not alone, thanks for sharing a bit of your story too. xo

  10. Absolutely beautiful. You have an award on my blog, you can pick it up. Congratulations!

  11. Lynn i'm looking up the citrus spray, thanks for the tip lady! xox

    Maria, thank you so much for the award! Gracias! :)

  12. i must try to make these! they look amazing!!!

    unfortunately i am allergic to cats and we don't own any other pets right now! you mom seems like a really safe bet! :)

  13. my mouth is watering those looks so delish!