April 4, 2011


The mister has been in San Francisco for work this past week and returns home today, so this weekend it was just me and baby Shiraz. Aside from taking plenty of cat naps with this silly little guy, there was loads of reading, cooking and spring cleaning. The week has felt super long but Shiraz never left my side and if there was the slightest noise or movement in the house, he was all over it ;)

Happy new week!


DSC2299 2




  1. these pictures are fantastic! And soooo cute : )

  2. hahaha..what a cute set of pictures.Love the post today too!

  3. I am glad your hubby gets home today!!

    Great pictures of Shiraz. Always on alert...unless they are sleeping. Two of our cats seem like they sleep constantly.

    Hope you have a great day!

  4. What adorable company to have while hubby is away!!

    Happy Monday Darling! xo

  5. Oh, these are so funny!! so many giggles.

  6. So adorable...I am loving your sweet Shiraz! Pets are so good about keeping company. xoxox

  7. oooooooookaaaaaaaaaaay! you know how big of a smile made it's way across my face when i arrived to see my darling, regal, majestic Shiraz?! picture a jumbo tron sized thing, blinking wildly in the sky waaaaay up above and you might have a slight idea.

    oh Natasha, i don't know what it is but he has my heart forever. it's the same feeling i get with only ONE of my friends children, Charlotte is an orb angel and really the only little person i've ever come to love-love, you know what i mean? Shiraz is like that for me and i know i may come off as a peculiar sort but i have to say it like it is.


    i'm sure glad to hear the happy homecoming happened for you two today! bet tonight is full of goodness...wink

    pea ess: i can't remember if i've asked before but is Shiraz part cornish rex? i just went through our comments and couldn't find anything about it but i think if we ever get a third kitteh i would love to try and recreate yours! ♥

  8. hilarious, so i just called Sean in the office to check out your little man and asked him what he thought. he said that the big ears are significant to Africa or Tunisia. does that sound right? i swear i'm on a mish to convince him we need to add a new family member! xo

  9. best body guard ever!!! so glad your hub returned today. next time, come to SF with him!! :)

    have a good week natasha!

  10. LOVE the photos! They put a much-needed smile on my face, thank you! :-D

  11. Lol... I loved the commentary on your photos. False alarm is so appropriate.

  12. What a good little bodyguard:-) xoxo

  13. so hilarious and cute! glad you had a friend to keep you company, cats do a good job don't they :)

  14. Your week sounds like mine, when the hubs goes away. I always seem to get so much cleaning and organizing done. And your bodyguard? Oh my goodness, the cutest little pal ever, these pics are -priceless! xx veronika

  15. haha! love it. great captions.

  16. OHH thats just about the cutest thing ever - how wonderful to have a personal (cute and fierce) bodyguard. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. Have a wonderful day
    A xx

  17. those pictures are SO funny and adorable!

  18. I hope Shiraz has enjoyed a break these past few days from all that responsibility!;)
    Sarah xx

  19. So did you get a bottle of wine when the beau got back this week!!?!

    I love your pics of Shiraz on the prowl! He looks like he has a great personality!

    The wedding plans are going really well - We locked in a venue today!!! It's a beautiful vineyard called Stones of the Yarra Valley. I can't wait to show you photos! Now that we've chosen the spot, I can start coordinating the fun stuff!!

    Looking forward to hearing what you have planned for the weekend! I hear it's getting warmer in Mtl!?

  20. Thanks guys! Shiraz rules my world ;) And Lynn, you rock our world :)
    Holly, i'm so happy to hear that you booked your venue! Ahhhh it sounds heavenly and exactly what you wanted! So happy for you!! J brought home a pinot called Row Eleven, and it was lovely :) We're still on the hunt for a pinot from Scotchman Hill in Victoria!

  21. Oh my gosh I adore him!! Seriously reminds me so much of my sweet sweet Siamese kitty here too :) And your photos are amazing as usual! Hope you are doing fabulous Natasha!! xoxo