January 18, 2016

three years old.

Thank you, Dr. Alice Benjamin.


  1. He is such a doll! I love the rainbow birthday banner. Happy birthday Leif!

  2. Oh, Tash! Three!

    Lovely, lovely Leif - happiest happy birthday to you!

    I have not forgotten the road your Mama walked to bring you safely home. I have not forgotten Liam. I have not forgotten the pain and the hopes and the fears and the long, long, long, long days and nights of yearning.

    So much joy in your beautiful face. You are really here. You are here. You are here. You are three years here - and I still can't take you in, as wonderful as you are.

    I will never get tired of seeing you grow.

    And I will never get tired of hearing Liam's name and how much he is missed, no matter how many years of growing he never gets to do. He should be here. He should be here. He should be here.

    I can almost see his shadow on the other side of the bench, playing near you.

    Happy Birthday beautiful boy.

    xo CiM

    1. Dear you, how I wish I could reach through my screen and hug you. Your understanding and remembering is everything. Thank you for the birthday wishes! Thank you Cathy x

    2. Oh Tash, he is just magical xox

      PS Theo got that exact playmobil bus for Christmas. I love that our boys play with the same things. Almost like they're playing "together" xo

    3. Thank you sweet friend xx
      I never knew about playmobil until our last trip to Toronto. Leif had a ball playing with all his cousins playmobil toys and the bus was a b.day gift from his TO grandparents. Gosh, I wish Theo and Leif could really play together x

  3. Late, but so happy to see these photos of your beautiful boy. Look at that smile. Happy birthday Leif! Tash, I am remembering Liam, too, and wishing he could beam out all that love at you like his brother does. Sending you lots of love, to you and your beautiful boys.