August 5, 2018

See Me

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  1. Tash, the silence has been long but you're not forgotten for me.

    I thought of you the other day when I read this:

    I wonder how much they know. I wonder if they're right. I've never forgotten what you invested in your sons - bed rest and so much more. I think you know your body better than anyone. I think what you did made a difference.

    Catherine W. and I were talking about the "old days" - all the people we missed from that time. Ten years ago, nine, eight, seven, six. Your name was there. I've never lost that place in my heart for you and Liam.

    I thought and thought of all of you while that mother carried her baby to the surface.

    Yes, see. Please see these children - and remember. Don't act like nothing happened. That mother said so much with her precious burden. Don't forget. Don't let go.

    Love to you, Tash. Love to you and Liam and Leif and your husband. My heart is near to you even if my house is far.

    xo Cathy in Missouri