March 21, 2011

cabane à sucre.

In true Québecois tradition, we headed to a cabane à sucre {sugar shack} this weekend. Alicia {my adorable step daughter} and I were so ready to roll our popsicle sticks in the warm syrup laid out on the snow, or as we say in french "la tire"... yum! It was maple syrup heaven but even me and my big sweet tooth could only handle this once a year.

I hope your weekend was sweet too, and happy Spring!





Maple syrup







  1. i have to say it is one my favorite things to do, you are lovely, your family is lovely! what a wonderful time to have on such a bright weekend.

  2. It sounds so nice, though I'm sure I couldn't eat these posicle sticks myself! Loving your photos though! :)

  3. this looks incredibly YUM! i've heard about these places but have yet to visit one, please add it onto our roster of to-dos should we ever be lucky enough to go for a day adventure this swell!

    Alicia is adorable as all get out and so much similarity between she and your handsome fella. i adore this post, the photos really take my breath away. these are the perfect sort of real world days where all else gets shut out and you just enjoy the time together with true open expanses surrounding you. très magnifique!!! ♥

    * thanks again for the wonderful comment, how do i say you are one in a french? i know it would sound so much more beautiful that way. xo

  4. I love getting to see your family! Love the pictures...of something I have never even heard of.
    I grew up in Northern Minnesota and my grandparents made there own maple syrup every year...but we never did the whole popsicle stick in the syrup. Man we really missed out.

  5. this looks amazing. I've never done either and I think I might have to now. What a cute family. LOVE IT!

  6. GORGEOUS photos. and the sugar shack sounds completely amazing!


  7. Thanks so much ladies! Cabane à sucre is such fun, definitely something to do if you are ever in the Quebec region this time of year! Nadia, i'm sure this brings back memories for you :)

    Alicia is looking more and more like her dad every day, she's going to break a lot of hearts that one :)

    Lynn mon amie, we have to get you here for two trips now, one in the summer for jazz fest and one in the wintertime for cabane à sucre :) I was actually thinking just that about you, that you are one in a million, tu es super :) xox

  8. Lovely photos! So refreshing I can smell the fresh air and the snow! xo

  9. okay, this is so awesome!!
    I think I need to make a trip!!

  10. Ymmmmmm...I so want to do this. What fun....still so snowy!

    Now I must say your images are amazing...I want your camera!!! What kind is it my friend.

    Hugs for a great week. xox

  11. wow fantastic photos <3 those sheep looking things are soo cute :)

  12. Lovely! I'm always oohing & ahhing when I see your gorgeous pictures and these ones are just magical. Looks like you had a wonderful day with your beautiful family. xx veronika

  13. Love the photos!! :-)

  14. T'es photo me fait manquer la belle Province! What a gorgeous cloudless day!

    Your family is lovely and you seem to have loved that once-a-year "tire"! How yum is it with the contrast of the icy cold snow?!!!

    Thank you so much for your lovely words about my recent engagement. I'm searching the blogosphere every day for inspiration and planning on visiting a few rural areas over the next three weeks. I'll keep you posted on the venue we decide on!!

    I think, like you, I'll by shining my new piece-de-resistance everyday too!!

    Hope you have a great wind down to the week and enjoy another sunny weekend xoxo

  15. how fun! it looks so delicious.

  16. You have such a pretty pretty blog! And these pictures amazing - I think the weekend was successful :)

  17. Oh, that looks delicious! I love the pictures from your weekend, especially the ones of you all in the woods :)

  18. natasha,
    i love your blog. so glad i can follow. thanks for finding my blog:)

  19. Thanks for stopping by :)

    I happened to live in Québec for a year (à Chicoutimi!) and I went to several cabane à sucre! So fun + sickly sweet!

  20. I love la tire d'érable sur la neige so much, what a lovely blog you have, wonderful pictures!!


  21. A *massive* thank you/merci for all your lovely comments!
    Koralee, we have a Nikon D700 and my photographer husband is a great (and patient!) teacher :)

  22. Mmm la tire! My dad grew up in Montreal and told my sister and I about this when we were little. It never snowed enough for us to make it though so I remember once he crushed up a bunch of ice in the blender and packed it into the casserole dish so we could make some!

  23. there's nothing like cabane à sucre. i went last weekend and had a blast! lovely photos!

  24. Great post, i like your photos!
    Visit my blog and follow me if you want xxx

  25. what beautiful photos. sounds like a fun day - one I would enjoy. You're right, your step daughter is so beautiful.
    thanks for you visit and kind words the other day : )

  26. these pictures are dreamy