March 18, 2011


Japan has been in my constant thoughts and prayers this past week. There really are no words for what happened and what the people of Japan must be going through. I've tried to imagine it and I can't. Every night my husband and I are glued to the TV watching the news and every morning we check the latest news from our iPhones on our train commute into work. Their tragedy has made me think a lot and certainly puts things into perspective.

I have a wonderful weekend planned with my family and I know how blessed I am that everyone I love is healthy and safe. I wish the same for you and yours this weekend, and always.



  1. I'm the same, I just can't comprehend the devastation. I can't imagine everything gone: house, friends, the whole freaking town. It's just heartbreaking.

    Enjoy your weekend spending time with the ones you love :)

  2. beautifully written Natasha! it's a hard topic to tackle gracefully and you've done just that. brought awareness for both Japan and our everyday lives, to appreciate them and cherish our moments.

    hope your weekend is all wonderful, all the time. you deserve it. and thank you for the guest post love, it means a lot coming from you. also, i don't actually speak French, only a few fun terms here and there. my french teacher in school was Italian, now just try to get past that strong accent when attempting to annunciate "bonjour, Monsieur Thibault!" haha it was a riot.

    i bet your voice is like dripping honey. xo ♥