March 14, 2011

shiraz: the wine + the cat.

Woo! Was that one fast weekend or is it just me? I spent time with my girlfriends, parents and husband, so a great weekend but it just feels like it went by way too fast. My mister and I tried a wine that we brought home from the U.S. a few weeks back and I nearly fell off my chair because it was so good. I'm no wine connoisseur but I know what I like and what I don't like, and this one I liked a whole lot.

How was your weekend?




  1. weekends are always too fast...but I agree this was especially. :)

  2. sounds like you had a great weekend! yay! i'm not a big wine drinker either, so i'm really taking your word for it that the wine was deelish :) gonna have to try it out soon :) hopefully i can find it!

  3. Wines from McLaren Vale are beautiful and I can see why this one tops your list!! See if you can find wines from Scotchman's Hill in Victoria, Aus. They have fantastic Pinot Noir's - theirs is one of my faves! I also just added a post about the Yarra Valley in Victoria, Australia, that I visited last weekend. They have a few scrumptious wines too!!

    Is their much wine selection from Australia in Montreal?!

    Hope you have a great week!

  4. your cat really is quite gorgeous.

  5. Holly, thank you so much for the suggestion! I've noted the Pinot and will try to find it here in Montréal. Our wine selection is good but then we cross the border and realize just how many gorgeous wines are out there that we don't have access to in Québec :( But we seem to have a good selection of Australian wines, I adore Yalumba and Two Hands! I can only imagine how beautiful it must be to visit vineyards in Australia! I'm off to see your post, I hope your parents had a lovely visit with you :) A bientôt! xx

  6. so before i go on and on about my love for shiraz and his elegant ways i have to to your new profile photo. i love it and you look great. gosh what i wouldn't give for a head full of hair like yours!

    now then, yes the weekend flew for us too, although it wasn't anywhere near as enchanting as yours sounds. we did house cleaning till our hands almost rotted off : ( and then hauled up on groceries (the healthy kind, but there was a cookie bag involved!)

    thanks for sharing the wine, we're always up to try a new one and this has your stamp of approval so we will move forth.

    i LOVE that photo of your handsome fella, he kinda reminds me of the imperial walkers from Star Wars, do you know the ones i'm talking about? his loooong legs only though b/c his face is truly gorgeous and the swirling rings of color are like the ones that appear in the perfect cup of coffee with just the right amount of cream.

    can you tell i covet your cat? please don't tell mine, they could rebel and that would be an ugly picture. haha best wishes for a grand week ahead, hope next weekend lasts longer for you lades. ♥

  7. Lynn I read your comment on the train into work this morning with my husband and we laughed because we call Shiraz our little ewok! But OMG I see what you mean about the imperial walker! Do you know that I always tell Shiraz that he has a magestic chest since you pointed that out awhile back?! :) You have a way with words lady and I just love it! Siriously if you are in Montreal for Jazz Fest or anytime let me know! You too will have your very own tour guide :) PS: Thanks for the compliment on my hair, I was thinking it might be time to chop some of it off but I think i'll hold off a little longer :)

  8. Beautiful Shiraz never has a bad angle I tell you. I saw on someones blog that Houzz did a 50 Cats Cozy Up at Home story. The cats are cuties, but Shiraz would have ruled that roost!!

  9. Oh my goodness...your cat is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Great image my friend. xoxoxoo

  10. great label too. and your cat's beauty never fails to stun me.
    about the desktop thing, you can find the instructions here

  11. i LOVE coming back over here and reading your responses so much! i'm happy he is crushed on and loved so hard by you two, his "majestic chest" should be pumped up with pride every day. a rockstar in my eyes. i think he should just start his own blog and call it a day. haha. oh my, i do adore him.

    and not to take anything away from you either, my focus kinda gets sideswiped when i gaze on him but i think you're whole vibe is tremendous. thank you so much for such an open offer, will def take you up on it whenever i get over that way.

    you know, you'd look beautiful any which way, but as an ex-hairstylist i know how coveted hair like yours is, especially when it reaches a certain length and the curls cascade down. thanks for you words again and again. ♥