July 12, 2012


Today I just want to say hi

And thank you

For being there

Wherever your there is

This world can feel so big and lonely sometimes

But I never feel that way here

\\\ Flowers magically appeared in Liam's garden last week. It was a mystery until our neighbor came around to tell us that he planted the flowers early one morning. He said he hoped that we didn't mind, but that he and his family wanted to contribute to Liam's little garden. We are incredibly touched by this family's gesture.

\\\ I'm allowed out of bed and to the sofa once a day, so I wait until J gets home from work. This is me taking in some lovely afternoon sunlight. Please excuse the PJ's and greasy hair. Such is bed rest.

At 11 weeks, the baby's heartbeat continues to be good and strong. Next week's cervical cerclage is huge for us. It's hard to believe that this time last year, only days a part, I had the same procedure done to try and save our Liam.

We're hoping for a successful cerclage next week, and for this life to continue to grow strong.



  1. I´m so glad that things are working, all thought with you and I love the pics. :-)

    It was a lovely thing to do by your neighbour! :-)

  2. That is good news and what a lovely neighbour. How sweet and thoughtful. Thinking of you and a beautiful picture of you xxx

  3. You are so beautiful, inside and out!

    Prayers for you, your hubby, Liam and your pregnancy. <3

  4. Thinking of you. Stay strong. 1 day at a time.

  5. Such a sweet gesture by your neighbours. Lovely to think how many people are thinking of Liam and missing his presence here, with you.

    So happy to hear it's all well so far and sending happy wishes and love to you for the coming week xx

  6. you are such a beautiful mama :) xo

  7. Think of you every day.

  8. That was the kindest thing your neighbor did! These photos are just beautiful, glad you are well.

  9. Replies
    1. Thinking of you so much...

  10. That gesture made me smile...there are so many good people in the world...
    Tash, I think of you often. And I hope next weeks proecedure goes well.

    Big love and hugs to you x

  11. Your faith is palpable within this post Tash - your words and photos. As for your neighbour - a sweet man.

    I'm thinking of you daily and wish you an abundance of luck for your op next week. Be here, now. Breathe x

  12. You look beautiful in your pyjamas in the sun. I'm thinking of you all the time too. And hoping, hoping. Hang in there, lady. You're completely, utterly, beyond amazing. Kellie xx

  13. such lovely light in the images and post. tash every night like i promised.

  14. Thinking of you, little baby and Liam.xo

  15. What a lovely thing to do, the flowers from your neighbours.
    How are you going with the bed rest? Sending positive thoughts your way for the cerclage.

  16. you are so much stronger than you know - and such an example of strength and inspiration.

  17. I'm here, and you and Liam are often in my thoughts.

    What a lovely gesture, indeed, to add to Liam's garden. Beautiful.

    You look gorgeous, greasy hair, PJs, and all, and I hope things are going well with the new, sweet babe. Much love. xo

  18. Always reading, wondering, hoping alongside you guys. Your pictures are a gift Tash and I, too, hope we get to meet you guys one of these days. Peace and love, for you and J, for Liam, for the new growing person inside you.

  19. Holding my breath for you for next week.

    Your neighbours are lovely.

  20. You are in my thoughts beautiful lady. I wish you strength, courage, and peace... now and always. x

  21. my beautiful friend, you are so inspiring, so completely fragile but at the same time a solid life force with her feet firmly planted from all previously withstood.

    the gesture your neighbor did to honor Liam is so very touching. his heart is in the right place - those kindnesses seem rare these days so it's especially nice to hear about one that means this much! xo ♥

  22. What a beautiful gesture of your neighbours! So much impact, I'd have bawled my eyes out. Makes me want to send you a contribution to Liam's garden as well. Love the gorgeous pics.

  23. Such beautiful photos, and such beautiful kindness....
    Thinking of you, Tash.
    Ronnie xo