August 1, 2016


How have nearly five years gone by?  Where does the time go?

Because his time didn't go to life and all the changes that it brings.
Because I will never know who he was and all that he would have grown up to be.
Because I will always love him and miss him and wonder about him.
Because nothing has changed. He is always missing.

My firstborn son, my darling Liam, you will never be forgotten.


  1. Big love for five. Liam is so loved and missed.

  2. Five has been on my mind lately. It's such a big deal. Your words here say exactly, exactly how I feel. I look at Liam's sweet face in the sidebar of your page as I type this and imagine him five. He is so loved, so missed.

    1. Five felt, feels so huge. Jen, thank you for imagining him five and for remembering him with me xx