December 28, 2012


After spending over 7 months in bed, this part of my pregnancy journey is coming to an end.

The cerclage will be removed in 11 days, and then i'll be allowed up on my feet.

My doctor says I will likely go into labor soon after the stitches are removed.

Baby has stayed put way low and all scans since 20 weeks have shown him head down.

The pelvic pressure has been pretty intense throughout my entire pregnancy and i've been spotting here and there.

Dr. B says we can't afford any problems and that I need to keep a close eye on discharge and bleeding because it could signal an infection.

So I continue to lie very still in bed.

I continue to quietly count the days.

We desperately want a happy ending… this time.

We hope Liam's little brother will arrive safely on the other side very soon.

/Liam's tree and second Christmas ornament.

/16 steps from my bed to the bathroom. 16 steps back. But I always stop to take peeks of my growing belly.

Liam s fox ornament
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