December 19, 2011


At the end of an afternoon that included lunch at our favorite Indian restaurant, take away samosas for later, holding hands, random street art and hot cocoa, we plopped down on the sofa with our cat Ziggy. Me on my iPad, J on his laptop and Ziggy happily tucked between us. Me surfing the blogs, J on Fstoppers and Ziggy purrs filling every corner of our little living room. This is more or less what our Sundays looks like. Us. Living quietly. Missing terribly.

The night ended with a lit fire, wine, those samosas and the season finale of Dexter.

Then I touched my son's urn and went to sleep.

** I found these angels in a little shop last month, they're Christmas presents for Liam's great grandparents, grand parents and aunt and uncle.

*** This is Ziggy. We adopted him last month. 

DSC5849 3







  1. "This is more or less what our Sundays looks like. Us. Living quietly. Missing terribly."

    Us too... Silence where there should be mayhem, pain where there should be joy.

    Thinking of you both and Liam xx

  2. Such beauty.. and such memory. Sending love...

  3. xxx

    Your necklace is really beautiful.

    And Ziggy! I have a feeling Ziggy is going to be one spoilt kitty cat. He's gorgeous.

  4. Of course now blogger will let me comment.

    I hope your next IVF is successful, I understand how nervous and anxious that can make you as well. I will be crossing my fingers for you.xo

  5. Ziggy! So cute. Is he a devon rex? We have a devon rex anyway. Peace and love to you and christmas dear lady. Kellie xx

  6. These photos are beautiful, very beautifully captured. Ziggy is such an adorable cat <3

  7. Dear one...your words touched my heart today...your sweet Liam is in my thoughts. Sending you much love. xoxoxxo

  8. Ziggy is super gorgeous - and will be sure to bring a little companionship and comfort to you both through the Holiday season...

    Wishing you a peaceful and restful Christmas Natasha xx

  9. Ziggy is gorgeous, I hope he's a good source of company and fills part of the hole.

    I am a bit blown away by your eye and your prose...I can *feel* how squeezed your heart is right now (and has been for awhile)...yet there is still so much beauty in what you write.

    Life has beauty and heartache doesn't it?

    much love from NB

  10. The necklace and angels are so lovely. Ziggy on the other hand, looks so cheeky!

    Sending you much love Natasha and wishing you a peaceful Christmas.

    Je t'embrasse xx

  11. Natasha,

    I have thought so much about you since the loss of your precious Liam - even though I haven't commented. I don't have the words - I just hope you have a peaceful holiday, and that all good things come to you in the new year.

  12. Beautiful photographs. I really love the one of you guys holding hands. That is so important. Keep holding hands. After George died there were times when it was the only thing that got me through the day.

  13. Ziggy is glad you've adopted him. Peaceful holidays Natasha xxx

  14. A warm and peaceful days for this season is rare. Wishing you a blessed and fun holidays! buy wow accounts

  15. Merry Christmas and happy New Year Tash! May all your dearest wishes come true! And DON'T GIVE UP, we are all praying for you.

    Kisses and hugues,


  16. my special friend, i wish you more peace and transcendence through the pain in this upcoming year. my biggest hope is that the roller coaster twists and turns can be ridden with less blur and that the resistance to any unanticipated motion becomes more of a solid grounding grasp.

    thinking of you & J as the New Year almost begins. i know there's going to be some incredible joys amidst this sorrow, with little Ziggy and the soul power troops from heaven behind you just can't go wrong. there are new normals to explore, you are not alone. xo ♥

  17. Thank you so much ladies.
    Kellie, he's an abbyssinian. I've seen your devon rex once I think, such a beautiful breed.
    Natalie, yes beauty and heartache... Much love to you.

  18. Oh, the kitty! So sweet! I have four-one orange. Love those orange babies.